Monday, April 6, 2020

I'm making a podcast at

My buddies and I have decided to create yet another music podcast. Like a Phoenix, this podcast has risen from the depths of the quarantine to, at best, entertain our 3 listeners and, at worst, give the 5 of us something to obsess over during the week. Only the strongest survive to be part of the Gilded Playlist. Check it out at
  • We turned our quarantine boredom into just what we all needed — another music podcast!
  • Each week, 4 friends anonymously nominate songs to a shared playlist. 
  • After days of consideration, votes of yay/nay for each song are submitted secretly to our commissioner.
  • The podcast is recorded as these friends finally break their monk-like silence, discuss their nominations, their votes and discover which songs received 100% approval and hence move onto … The Gilded Playlist. 
  • Listen to the podcast and the playlists at …

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Here’s my 1 Second Everyday for 2019