Tuesday, December 13, 2005


if you know anything about me, you know this dunk and i have a history. props to my bro, dave for finding this.

if you don't know anything about me, then let me tell you that this is the greatest dunk ever. i will not argue about this.

i may never post again just so this will be the top post for all time.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

the 'diocrush

ok, so i was recruited to create the official audiocrush hand signal. let's get down to brass tacks.

criteria as decided by me (in descending order of importance)
  1. ease of use - it shouldn't take 3 different people holding your fingers and 6 minutes to execute this thing
  2. originality/coolness - we don't want to be mistaken as members of the crips/it shouldn't mistakenly says "i think shakira rules!"
  3. relevance - if possible, the signal should organicly relate something "audiocrush"
with that said, we basically have 2 options
  1. create a hand signal that is only "audiocrush" because we say it is ... similar to dane cook's su-fi.
  2. create one that really says audiocrush or something like it. if i could actually make my hands say "audiocrush" ... well, i wouldn't be writing this blog. i'd be selling the services of my superhero-like hands for thousands of dollars an hour.
so here are the runners-up:

the rock mod

  • concept: it's something we all know with a twist, audiocrush rocks and so should its hand signal
  • pros: easy to perform
  • cons: doesn't really stand out, kinda sucks
a is for audiocrush

  • concept: make one of those special lower case a's <-- like that one
  • pros: very representative
  • cons: would probably be mistaken for an offensive gesture in certain foreign countries
into it

  • concept: this is how deaf people say "into" - linky
  • pros: soooo inside the AC circle, only the true AC listeners would get it, also ironic that we're using sign language to talk about something that deaf people would have a hard time enjoying
  • cons: casual observers will mistake you for busting a rhyme, i may have offended people with one of the jokes in the "pros" section
  • comical extra: check out what other sign i learned
and now for the winners. by popular demand, we're gonna go with 2 options for the hand signal. the public spoke ... i listened. take your pick. mix it up.

one handed option ...

the abstract

  • concept: the thumb = 1, the fingers = 3, a and c are the first and third letters of the alphabet ... audiocrush
  • pros: easy to perform, stands out
  • cons: requires a "concept" description that involes equals signs, multiple commas and an elipsis
two-handed option ... for when you're really feeling it


  • concept: use both hands to make an A and a C, obviously the C is a little jaggy
  • pros: very easy to flash, representative, generally rules
  • cons: your right hand doesn't really look like a C -- ah who am i kidding, there are no cons
this is it people, take this and run with it. seriously, sprint. spread the word, express yourself, let no picture go un-branded.

Friday, December 2, 2005

page rank

this is strictly for google page rank.


and the show is pretty good. i guess. if you like laughing.