Saturday, February 11, 2006

olympic pairs figure skating

let's talk about it. as if the outfits, music choices and choreography in between throws wasn't funny enough, there's the announcers. saturday night featured these actual quotes (or near quotes from memory):
  • she's like a cat
  • the chinese people are known for their throws
    • really? 1 billion+ people and that's their defining trait as a nation?
  • they're known for their short program ... they really are known for their short program ... they excel at the short program
    • these three quotes were from the same person during the same routine
  • nice descent ... she did a good job of not touching her fanny to the ice
  • nice unison
    • do you think he meant nice synchronization? me neither
  • bent leg ... (senses confusion from his fellow commentators) ... the skating leg is bent
  • they please me
  • they're the kind of people you want to move in next door to
  • they're the kind of people you want to have over for dinner and they won't spill wine all over the table
the last three quotes were about a pair that finished well well off the medal stand. dick button, i didn't know comedy before i knew your commentary. it got the point where i would try not to laugh just to make sure that i didn't miss anything.

if dick button is in the booth, don't miss it.

Monday, February 6, 2006

new name

A new client called me today to ask a question about using our online software. It may help you to know that she sounds like a 20-something southern girl from Louisiana, but I'm not sure. (Obviously I'm only not sure about the age part, I know the other 2 for sure.) Anyway, the convo started like this:

Me: "CNS. This is Luke."
Young lady: "Hello, Mr. Luke ..."

I have no explanation. That's it. That's the end of my story.