Saturday, April 8, 2006

crack journalistic investigation

so i get this email that really looks like spam except for the extremely weird and personally addressed content:

From: Crystal Cotti
Date: Mar 20, 2006 5:12 PM
Subject: Incident with the Mayor of Austin

Hi Luke,
My name is Crystal Cotti and I'm a reporter at Fox 7 News in Austin. Were you in Austin for South by Southwest this weekend? If so, please call me at 512-785-0500 as soon as you get this. We're trying to figure out why the mayor decided to escort you out with so much force. Thanks for your time. This story is airing at 9pm tonight.
Thanks for your help,
Crystal Cotti

i can't help but respond with this


Gotta be the weirdest or the best spam ever. I was not attending south by southwest this weekend so I can't help. But I'll be looking forward to the story.


and then the response from crystal:

I found your name on My sorry to bother. Thanks for the response.

turns out that crystal is actually a reporter for fox 7 news in austin.

so basically when fox 7 news in austin needs to find a quote or a source for a story, it looks like myspace is their first stop. seems as though the local news in austin is just as great as it is in arizona.

sadly i never got a follow up from crystal on the story. i'd love any info anyone has on my namesake and his ongoing feud with the mayor of austin.