Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


What's this? Three posts in one day?! WTF?!

Ok, so has someone already written about this? Probably. Nonetheless, I don't like waiting for food to "cool down". It's a real funny thing. You get food out of the freezer. It's frozen. You put it in the microwave or oven and then blast the temp of the food past anything your mouth can handle. Can't we find a happy medium? So at this point you have 2 options:

1. Wait for the food to "cool down". Annoying.
2. Start eating your food using the routine. You know. Blow on it. Take a small bite. "Everything's cool" you say in your head until the food touches the roof of your mouth. Then you're inhaling like crazy while trying to chew without the food hitting the top of your mouth. Inevitably you come real close to drooling cuz your mouth is wide f'ing open. Finally you get it down. Well guess what? You didn't even taste the food all that time cuz you were overcome with inhaling, chewing, protecting the roof of your mouth and controlling your slobber for the past 10 seconds. Ridiculously annoying.

Well, that settles that. Option 1 it is!

Veronica Mars

Ok so I know like 8 people read this thing and I talk to most of you daily anyway so recommending an already highly acclaimed TV show probably isn't the best use of bandwidth, but you know what they say ... if you can touch one person ...

Veronica Mars. I just watched the season premiere of the current season and I found myself chuckling out loud often and fully laughed out loud at one moment. I watched all of last season and enjoyed it, but this season seemed to up the ante in terms of insanely witty, quick and well-timed jokes usually based on pop culture references. All the kids talk like they're on Dawson's Creek (as though they scored way way too high on the SAT Verbal section), but it's a little more cynical and rarely sappy which seems to help a lot.

And c'mon, Ms. Bell ain't too shabby on the eyes either. (Insert obligatory blog photo so as to make this entry not all text.)

Great. Now I have a pic of Kristen Bell on my blog. Better do another entry.


i'm just putting it out there.


duo electric tour.

melted faces.

if you've seen what they're doing on jm's current tour, it's basically impossible to argue with my idea.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Music Draft

Ok, it's time for the 2006 Music Draft. This is a concept my boys Berg and Lubs came up with. Here it is.

Imagine every band in the world is coming out with a new album tomorrow. Imagine you only get to have one of those albums. Who do you pick?

My Picks:
1. Kings of Leon - I have heard 4 of their new songs and holy shit. And I'm pretty much totally obsessed with these guys right now.
2. Bloc Party - A real candidate for number 1, but the new songs of Leon that I've heard edged out Bloc.
3. John Mayer Trio - Assuming it's John, Steve and Pino, I'm excited.

Honorable mentions:
Iron and Wine, Dear and the Headlights, Kings of Convenience, Damien Rice.

Random fun fact: Did you know that, with the new iTunes, if you're within 10 seconds of the end of a song and then you fast-forward it or switch to another track, the current song gets credit for the playcount. I post this because I'm probably the only person that doesn't work for Apple that's noticed this.