Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let's talk about the gym one more time

Here's an addendum to a previous post I made ...

Let's talk about the people that refuse to leave their bag in a locker. They insist on lugging around their backpack or duffle bag from machine to machine, free weight to free weight. And I wouldn't find this so annoying, but they never actually get anything out of their bag during the workout. So the bag clearly has no purpose during the workout. What is so important about that bag that you can't leave it locked up in a locker or in your car?

Probably most importantly, let's talk about the guy that wears this shirt to the gym:

It says "Come Back When You're Hot" in case you can't read it. I mean, was he talking to me? If so, why do you think I'm at the gym, dude? Why do you think I'm at the gym? And furthermore, what happens if someone does approach him on say, 1/1/08, reads the shirt, heeds its message and then gets hot and then returns to see him on, say, 1/1/09 as a legit hottie. Let's assume he has that shirt on again. Isn't the girl immediately shunned again? All I'm saying is that the shirt seems to perpetuate a vicious circle that results in this guy never getting approached by anyone hot or not. And that seems to be the opposite of the effect I think this guy is hoping the shirt will have. Am I overthinking this one? I say nah.

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