Monday, June 16, 2008

I was on the radio

So I was driving from Tucson to Phx on Friday as part of my journey to San Diego for the "World Famous Mud Run" and I heard that Johnjay and Rich were looking for a contestant for movie trivia. I called 12 times and got a busy signal, but I got through on the 13th try and I ended up being the contestant for movie trivia.

Download and listen to it here.

Some tidbits ...
  • Just a week before, I had been complaining to everyone about how bad the movie trivia contestants had been this summer. One girl didn't know the name of the movie featuring the character "Longfellow Deeds". Give me a break.
  • When I first talked to Lindsey (the producer), she said she had someone else lined up, but wanted to put me on because I sound like I know movies. Also, apparently the background noise in my car was pretty bad at first, but Lindsey gave me a minute to try to work it out. Changing to my hands free headphones seemed to help. I guess my voice just exudes movie trivia knowledge.
  • Lindsey gave me notes to "be cocky", sound really excited (hence all the "wooing") and "if you can't hear the audio clues very well, don't say they're hard to hear, just try your best"
  • Can't believe I missed the "Cocktail" question. I'm sorry, TJ.
  • I think "Meet the Parents" is one of the worst movies ever. I had no chance of getting that one right.
  • If I had been behind Carrie, I would have won outright. She couldn't get "Obi Wan Kenobe"? That's the name of the guy reading us the questions! All of Johnjay's steals were ridiculous.
  • As far as the prize goes, Lindsey took down my info and said someone would call me. No one has called yet.
  • Update (6/18/08):  Someone called me and offered me free minor league baseball tickets or movie passes to an advanced screening of "Wanted".  I went for the movie tickets.  Pretty decent prize for not winning.


Mary Ann said...

I feel a little silly saying this, but I really miss JohnJay and Rich. Fun to hear you on there! Especially liked it when they said "this guy's a player right here." :)

Jai said...
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