Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mustache Challenge 2008 Results

On our recent Lake Powell houseboat trip, a challenge was issued. Specifically a mustache challenge. Click here for the initial post. Here is the story of the challenge.

The Players
Unable to make the trip :(
Mario and LuigiJust kidding

As you can see, hard facial hair labor was put in by all and the fruits of such labor were as follows. Drumroll, please.

The Awards
Mustache that is ...
Most likely to write you a ticketHonorable Mention
Most likely to appear in a 70s pornHonorable MentionWinner
Most likely to offer your kid candyHonorable Mention
Stache that should ...
Be shaved immediately
aka worst stache
It's a tie!
Never be shaved
aka most legit stache
Honorable MentionWinner

And finally, what we've all been waiting for, the results for ...

Favorite Mustache
2nd Runner Up
1st Runner Up

And if you can't get enough, plenty more mustache shots to be found here (click me).

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Anonymous said...

I just want to thank all the ladies for helping me realize my full potential. I've always wanted to star in a 70s porn, and with this award, I'm that much closer to my dream!
-Grant's Stache

I nominate this blog for Best Blog About Staches. I think you can win.

And thank you for using 2 of my favorite pics from the trip as my stache award photos.

You, sir, are the bomb.

sealionwoman said...

Mario and Luigi just made my day.

Also, Trent, time for a new expression, eh? boyfriend should be in 70s porn. Well I did enjoy Boogie nights...