Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun with names ... and mustaches!

This one is for Lubs and any other GM2'ers that get it. Check out the match up of tonight's Yanks/Twins game.

Hee hee.

Also, this guy's name is funny when I say it in my head (click me). And while we're here, one of the auditioners on this season's So You Think You Can Dance is Vietnamese. And the poor guy's first name is Phucdat. Is there any salvaging this first name? I guess you can call him "Dat" which isn't so bad, but shame on those parents. Don't know how the kid made it through junior high with any semblance of self esteem.

And finally, speaking of mustaches, this guy is f'ing 12 years old. 12! His name is Sidharth Chand and he's 12. And he grows a 'stache like he's 20. And he took 2nd in the spelling bee this year. You can see all the words he spelled here. And you can see him in action by clicking the vid below.

Just look at that beaut. I bet Erin Andrews was sorta into him during the exit interview.