Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Suns v. Spurs Game 2 - A Musical Journey

So, among the many things that occurred to me as I watched Suns/Spurs Game 1 on Saturday, I could not ignore the fact that the music being pumped out by ABC's music supervisor (you know, the music as they go to commercial break) and the music being pumped out the PA in the Alamo Dome was nothing short of a ridiculous. So ridiculous that I thought it should be documented. So here we are. Game 2 and I'll be keeping track of every song that comes out of my TV's speakers. I did just realize that this game is being televised by TNT and I somehow remember that their music tends to not be as horrible as ABC's, but we'll find out.

Note: After about 3 minutes, I decided to skip documenting anything that is sort of standard fare these days: the defense chant, "Let's go Spurs!", etc. Just understand that crap is basically running the ENTIRE game. Trust me, I tried to record it for the first 3 minutes of the game and could not keep up.

1st Quarter
  • Tip off - some drum-heavy song I can't make out
  • 11:50 - PA - Defense chant
  • 11:45 - PA - "Let's go spurs" song
  • 11:18 - PA - Defense
  • 11:07 - PA - Charge!
  • 10:50 - PA - Defense
  • 10:33 - PA - That clap song ... clap. clap. clap. clapclapclap. clap.
  • 10:30 - Here's where I gave up on keeping track of chants and stuff.
  • 8:50 - PA - tip off song while the Suns are on offense.
  • 8:45 - The TNT NBA theme song. This is why I should have done this blog on Saturday. ABC would have been playing "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam or "The Good Life" by Kanye West or, I don't know, "Nothing Compares" by Sinead O'Connor.
  • 7:43 - PA - Solja Boy while the Spurs are on offense. What the PA is saying is "Man, this game is kinda boring, right? Let's roll some tunes."
  • 6:45 - PA - Classic rock song I can't make out while the Spurs are on O. Duncan misses a 15 footer.
  • 2:56 - TNT - Coming back from commercial - Punk/rock song I can't make out during a Ginobli 6th man montage.
  • 0:51.2 - PA - That techno song where they say "Yeah-ah!" often during a time out.
  • 0:51.2 - PA - "I FEEL all right, yeah, hey-ee-yeah-ah. I FEEL it! FEEL it!" 2nd song during the time out.
  • End of the quarter - TNT - some bass riff type song I can't make out
Well, this blog entry might end up being a total train wreck ... especially now that I'm DVR-less. Damn Idol and Beauty and the Geek on at the same time and I'm forced to watch the game live. Who cares!? We're a quarter of the way in. Let's finish this.

2nd Quarter
  • 8:50 - TNT - "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC as we go to commercial. Suns lead has gone from 14 to 5. Bring back Solja Boy!
  • Note: Dave points out that all of the Spurs' 33 points have come from Duncan, Ginobli and Parker.
  • 'Nother note: that scene from "The Closer" they keep showing ... is not dramatic. It's comical.
  • 8:50 - TNT - some acoustic feel good song during an NBA Cares segment featuring Finley.
  • 7:08 - PA - Some hip hop song I can't make out while the Spurs are on O. Offensive foul called on Thomas.
  • 6:19 - TNT on NBA theme song. Suns back up by 10.
  • 6:19 - TNT - some random beat while they compare Shaq and Duncan coming back from commercial.
  • 3:11 - PA - That techno song: "No no! No no. No no! No no. No no! No no. NO NO NO NO!" as we go to time out.
  • 1:38 - PA - They bring out Day-O. Day light come and me wanna go home.
  • 1:38 - TNT - random techno beat during a "hack-a-Shaq" montage.
  • End of the half. Suns by 7.
  • TNT goes to commercial with their wailing guitar riff song.
Half Time Notes
  • TNT runs a bunch of random tunes during highlights and such.
  • Spurs have all but 3 of their 54 points from Manu, Duncan and Parker.
  • This blog entry might really suck.
  • PA is pumping the "Yeah-ah!" song again. "YeahYeahYeahYeah! Yeah-ah!"
3rd Quarter
  • Personal note: I like David Aldridge. That is all.
  • 7:03 - TNT - Mariaci band playing as we go to commercial. Suns are friggin' scoreless for the quarter! Frustration reigns.
  • 5:34 - Nash scores the Suns' first points of the quarter.
  • 5:32 - PA decides to fire up some guitar riff song I don't recognize. Spurs turn it over.
  • 3:07 - PA - back to "Yeah-ah!" Spurs are on a 6-0 run. This game is insanely frustrating. We're looking at a 17-2 quarter right now!
  • 2:50 - Not even the "She was IN! YOUR! VAN!" Closer preview can get a smirk out of me.
  • 2:50 - TNT - Hip hop drum beat during a Spurs championship montage
  • 1:20 - We're into the second possession of Hack-a-Shaq. Shaq is 3 of 4.
  • 1:14 - PA - Some weird jungle like percussion beat. Spurs turn it over. Seeing a trend here? We need more crappy tunes.
  • 0:49.3 - The number of Suns missed lay ups in this game is insane. Shaq is 5 of 6 on 3 hacks.
  • 0:41 - PA - Mm-mmmmm. Mm-mm. Mmmmm-mm. You know that song, right? Probably not, but they just played it.
  • End of the 3rd - TNT - Rock song I couldn't make out. This game, blog blows.
4th Quarter
  • Personal note: watching this game is significantly less fun than Game 1. It's pretty much no fun.
  • 11:20 - TNT on NBA as we go to commercial
  • Music/commercial note: Meatloaf's son is a bad lip-syncer.
  • 9:21 - PA - Some classic rock song that, again, I can't make out. I really didn't think it would be this tough.
  • Trying to salvage something positive out of this ... let's make fun of the announcers! Doug just said "myriad of pick and rolls".
  • 7:27 - PA - some kind of frantic drum/rock anthem. Brick for the Spurs. Nash then hits a 3.
  • 6:24 - PA - Weird drum beat tune. Manu misses a 3. I'm NOT selectively listing these.
  • 6:08 - PA - Another hip hop song I can't make out. Duncan turns it over. Too bad Amare has gone anemic offensively.
  • 5:28 - PA - "Back in Black" by AC/DC. Foul on Shaq.
  • 5:20 - PA - "Everybody clap yo hands!". You guessed it. Turn over. And you guessed it again. Diaw misses another lay up on the other end.
  • 4:05 - PA - "Life is a Highway". Offensive foul on Kurt Thomas. He's out. This is just insane. How have the Suns NOT bit into this lead?
  • 3:06 - PA - Yet another unknown hip hop beat. Duncan misses a lay up. Steve hits a jumper. 14-2 run. Shhhhhhhh.
  • 2:16 - TNT's wailing guitar riff as we go to commercial.
  • 2:16 - TNT - Marines teamwork play of the game featuring frantic drum beat song.
  • Uh, crowd footage reveals the following ... There are some fat people in San Anton.
  • Uh, the game reveals the following ... Diaw is. Killing. The Suns.
  • 0:22 - PA - "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol as the Suns take a time out. Suns down 8. Preeeeetty much ball game.
  • 0:14 - PA - "Y'all ready for this?" techno song as the Spurs take a time out.
  • 0:00 - Blarg, Suns. Blarg.
Well, this was a horrible idea. You win some, you lose some. Like the Suns I guess. But if we can take anything from this ...

Final Stats
  • Actual tunes played during game play (not during time out) - 16
  • Resulting play not recorded - 6 (38%)
  • Spurs' missed Shots - 3 (19%)
  • Suns' defensive foul - 1 (3%)
  • Spurs' turn overs - 6 (38%)
Keep that music pumping, PA man. It's doing the Spurs no favors.

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Anonymous said...

They play in the SBC Center not the Alamodome SFB.

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