Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I love the Internet

So I've decided I'm a fan of Twitter.  If you're on Facebook or MySpace, you probably know what a status update is.  Well Twitter is pretty much a social networking site where all you do is post status updates.  The cool thing is that your status updates are archived.  So after a while, your Twitter page sorta acts like a mini-blog or mini-journal depending on how active you are. And if you snag some active Twitter friends, it's pretty good times if you're into that sorta social networking interwebbing stuff.

So now that I'm so Twitter friendly, I found myself having 3 different places where I might like to make a status update.  Let's just call it a hassle.  If only there was one place where you could initiate a status update across multiple sites at one time?  Well looky what I found: allows you to update your status across Twitter, the space, the face and more with just one click.  Who knew you could be so social whilst being so lazy?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice find. i think i'll go be socially lazy now.