Monday, July 14, 2008

Google Street View of My House

You can gander the Google street view of my complex here. Or check it below.

Some great things to note:
  • The "For Sale" sign - I've lived in this complex for almost 3 years and this sign has been there since before day one. Apparently, there's been an empty condo the entire time I've lived here.
  • The SUV - This car has been broken into at least twice since they seem to leave valuables in their car and we live across the street from not-the-nicest apartment complex.
  • The open garage door - For some reason or another (and in spite of all the car break-ins), someone seems to leave their garage door open for an extended period of time at least once a day. And most times the open garage door reveals no car which, to me, says that not only is the garage door open, but no one is home. We've got some real safety-conscious home owners is what I'm saying.
These are the Olsen Townhomes. And I live here.

1 comment:

Michael Olsen Craig said...

I have been told that Google's street view has covered all of Tucson.

Your post brings up the idea of a mashup with local residents' personal takes on local crime, rathern than just police-reported facts, although perhaps in addition.

My streetview shows my temporarily defunct '83 Landcruiser out front, which has never been broken into which I should probably get running and sell to get a new MacBook Pro and iPod touch. But it's such an awesome vehicle, I can't let go of the dream...