Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funniest. Movie Title. Ever

I'm about to link you to a movie that I just saw a preview for. Keep the following things in mind when the full brunt of the title slaps you across your brain.
  • This movie stars 1 actor that you will most certainly consider famous plus a couple more that your average movie-goer will recognize.
  • The preview gives all indications that this is a film people are meant to take seriously. This is not a "Super Hero Movie" or a "Scary Movie 4".
  • This movie was written by a "respected" horror film guy (at least among the horror film types I've gotta assume) ... Clive Barker.
  • Directed by the guy who directed "Alive".
  • In other words, this is a movie that someone wrote. And then someone else agreed to pay money to produce. And then some other group of people sat around and decided on THIS TITLE. And then those same people made the movie and thought to themselves "people are going to see the preview for this and not only not laugh, but then pay money to see this movie." And then some corporate studio actually distributed this film. It's completely incredulous. I mean, it forced me to use the word incredulous. That's how incredulous it is.
  • If the 2nd word (of the 3-word title) is removed, the title is totally fine. Solid title and definitely miles away from being something I HAVE to blog about. But nah, they had to rock the 3-word title and turn their film into an instant mockery.
  • At least 5 people (more likely hundreds) heard the title of this film and then said "I think that really plays just as it is" and they kept a straight face throughout.
Anyway, I've said enough.

If you think I didn't laugh really really loudly well into the opening credits of the movie I actually came to see after I caught the title of this movie, you're dead wrong.

Click me and laugh.

The title presented via the preview will really give you the full effect.

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