Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The correct use of "You're the Voice"

Anyone else kinda feel like rioting during David Archuleta's American Idol performance last night? No? Well check him out singing "You're the Voice" by David Foster. Just fast forward to when he's singing and get a taste of the tune (around the 1:50 mark).

And here's a clip from the movie Hot Rod.

F'ing Archuleta chose that song because he really feels that tune is good and has an important message. And yet it's a walking punch line in Hot Rod. I really hope he doesn't win.

Also worth mentioning: none of the Idol judges had ever heard of this song. And Simon (having not heard the song nor seen Hot Rod) said "it's one of those ghastly songs you sing where you've got like animated creatures with you and everyone joins in together and riots." Okay, he didn't say "and riots", but seriously, freaky accurate assessment, Simon.

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