Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A deeply philosophical discussion about "The Hills"

Look, I'm not the only one talking about this so back off! All right, fine, it's deplorable, but I'm posting about "The Hills" anyway.

Seriously, though I really am curious about the questions I ask in the following chat.

(3:04:59 PM) Ando: dude did you watch the hills this week?
(3:05:02 PM) Ando: i know it's fake
(3:05:08 PM) Luke: nah
(3:05:10 PM) Ando: but i actually scooted to the edge of my seat
(3:05:12 PM) Luke: i'm weeks behind on the hills
(3:05:16 PM) Luke: give it to me
(3:05:21 PM) Luke: i don't see myself catching up any time soon
(3:05:25 PM) Ando: heidi and lauren talk
(3:05:29 PM) Ando: heidi apologizes
(3:05:32 PM) Ando: lauren gives it to her
(3:05:37 PM) Ando: heidi continues to apologize
(3:05:55 PM) Ando: lauren says "it's time to forgive and forget. i want to forgive you...and i want to forget you."
(3:06:02 PM) Ando: cue sad chick music as heid walks out
(3:06:12 PM) Luke: awesome
(3:06:22 PM) Luke: can i seriously ask the following question
(3:06:32 PM) Luke: what is the truth on this whole sex tape thing?
(3:06:39 PM) Luke: is there a sex tape?
(3:06:46 PM) Luke: was the rumor real? or a fake rumor?
(3:07:07 PM) Luke: and assuming the tape never existed, what's so bad about a rumor about a sex tape that doesn't exist?
(3:07:38 PM) Ando: all excellent questions... the last one is the real one for me. like if i ever had a moment alone with lauren, that's what i'd ask her
(3:07:49 PM) Ando: she said to heidi, 'you have no idea how bad it got'
(3:07:53 PM) Ando: how bad could it be?
(3:07:55 PM) Ando: i'm totally curious
(3:09:18 PM) Luke: yeah, people rioting outside your apt?
(3:09:24 PM) Luke: throwing eggs and yelling at 3am
(3:09:30 PM) Luke: "seeeeeeex taaaaaaaaaape!"
(3:09:35 PM) Luke: "raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
(3:09:42 PM) Luke: it's laughable
(3:10:09 PM) Luke: but hey, lauren, you certainly set up the plot for season 3 so, kudos on that avenue
(3:13:32 PM) Ando: wow, just read that
(3:13:34 PM) Ando: i'm LAUGHING

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