Monday, October 29, 2007

So I found an iPhone

Dave and I return home from "30 Days of Night" and pull into Dave's parking spot in our condo complex. I open my door and find an 8GB iPhone laying face down in the adjacent parking spot.

So after I decide not to keep the phone, unlock it and sell it on eBay, I ring the doorbells of the 3 nearest condos. No answer. I then start calling the people on the recent calls list. The first dude asks me if I go to Tufts University and then eventually we figure out the phone belongs to Doug and he's vacationing in Tucson. The next guy on the recent calls list is actually with Doug and lives in the condo across from mine. He says Doug will come by soon to get the phone.

The doorbell rings 20 minutes later.

Me: "Hey, dude" as I hand him the phone.
Dude: "Thanks a lot, man" as he takes the phone and leaves.

I close the door and turn to Dave: "I hope that was Doug."

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