Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New special occasion

I was listening to the commercials that air during the Dan Patrick show on ESPN Radio. I was only somewhat paying attention when I caught this quote:

"It's the perfect place for your birthday, bachelor or divorce party."

Firstly, there are divorce parties now? Where does this fall in the list of important special occasions that you, as a friend of the divorcee, should attend? I'm guessing above new Big & Rich CD listening party, below just-bought-a-new-HD-TV for next Busch Series Event party. Do you bring gifts to this party? Is it acceptable to bring a date? Does Hallmark have a line of cards out? Do the invitations say "Starts - 9pm, Ends - ???"

Secondly, care to take a guess at who paid for this commercial? Exactly. A strip club.

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