Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Band names

So my buddy Lubs and I have a band. Well not really. It's not so much of a get-together-and play-instruments-band as it is a let's-start-with-a-kick-ass-band-name-and-work-out-the-details-later kind of band.

It started innocently enough with the name "16 and 2". This name was the result of me recounting a concert and telling Lubs that it was your standard "16 and 2 set list". I.E. 16 songs for the regular set and then a 2-song encore.

"16 and 2" was our first band name. Since then, we've changed our band name many times. All our names since "16 and 2" have been based on crazy news story headlines. Actually, they've been exactly crazy news story headlines.

We started with: "Wild eagles attack paraglider"

Then we moved onto: "Two clowns shot dead at circus"

And then: "Pregnant cow runs riot across city"

And finally: "Chinese pirates beat Spider-Man to the punch"

We're still deciding.

This game is most fun when you imagine us finishing our first song and then announcing our name.

"All right, thanks for coming out, we're Wild Eagles Attack Paraglider. We want to thank the Mates of State for asking us to open for them."

Or ...

"Ok, this our last tune. Thanks everyone for coming out on a Tuesday. Don't forget to go say hi to Tom in the back at the merch booth, we got cds and t-shirts, we'll see you next time we're in town, once again we're Pregnant Cow Runs Riot Across City. GOOD NIGHT!"

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