Wednesday, March 23, 2005

seniority rules

so i go to p.f. chang's to pick up some take out food. picking up take out requires standing awkwardly at the end of the bar until the take out food guy decides you're worthy of his attention. you're always in the way of the servers and you just look insanely out of place. so i'm standing there for a couple minutes and this 60-something year old dude walks up and stands right next to me at the bar. Despite the fact that i'm standing there looking intently towards the back with my money in hand, take out food guy whose native american name would probably be doesn't-want-a-tip then emerges from his hole and looks right at the old man. "did you have a take out order?" old man gives him his name and doesn't-want-a-tip goes and retrieves his food. doesn't-want-a-tip then presents old man's food and old man gives him his credit card. doesn't-want-a-tip goes to run the card and then old man looks at me and says "this is place is run like well-oiled machine!"

you said it, pal.

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