Thursday, March 10, 2005

ch-ch-check it out

here's 5 things that i've realized in the last few weeks that you may have not.

1. there is a small group of people that will never need jobs until mtv stops airing real world/road rules challenges and giving them thousands of dollars for finding keys in haystacks (that was an actual event in the last challenge).
2. gum in stick form is on the way out. cube form rules.
3. apparently, for any given concert, there are hundreds or even thousands of people that 1) couldn't get tickets and 2) are all over the idea of listening to the band's most popular songs via cell phone.
4. billy crudup is the voice of the mastercard "priceless" commercials. this one really floored me when i figured it out.
5. EVERYONE has one of those damn mp3 players!

one of the 5 above observations is not very inciteful.

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