Saturday, January 12, 2008

1,000 Miles

Apparently, I would RUN 1,000 miles ... and we'll see if I would run 1,000 more. (Corniest joke ever on this blog? Probably.)

Check it out by clicking here.

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Andrea said...

awesome list- thanks for the paramore shout out! there's definitely a couple i need to investigate. i just got into the iron and wine album after i made my list. ah well. it's fabulous though. as is feist that i just got around to listening to. i agree about the mraz live album, he's probably got THE best voice in music these days. i love this one duet he does with raul midon. makes me want to check out his album. is he really blind?? dayum! and the first track on KOS is my fav. it was my myspace song for a while. i guess for some reason i thought that came out in '06, i dont know why. also, i was going to include manchester orchestra on my list, but i didn't count that album as coming out in 07 because it was a re release. i should have,'s awesome.
anyway, nice list. cant wait to check some of those out!