Friday, January 12, 2007

Treehouse - Nobody's Monkey

Here's what's great about this post. I really might end up getting the number 1 spot on Google. Check back later to find out.

ANYWAY, I'm in the middle of my second consescutve run through of this album:

Nobody's Monkey by Treehouse

This is a band that I learned about probably around 1996 when they opened for Edwin McCain. I wanted to reco them since I stumbled across them today, remembered digging them a lot and then realized they're nearly impossible to find info on. Even finding their album on Amazon was sorta difficult. For example, see the picture for the band here (link), I just put that up myself.

Treehouse isn't doing anything even close to groundbreaking, but Pete Reilly (the lead singer who you may have heard sing back up for Edwin McCain in the more recent years) writes himself some decent choruses on an album that is listenable all the way through. If you're looking to be intrigued, look to TV on the Radio or Radiohead, but if you'd like to hear some very enjoyable 4-chord mid 90s brit pop (and who isn't?! Am I right!?), these guys do it pretty well.


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