Thursday, January 18, 2007


this post may reduce my quality to quantity ratio ... i don't care. i think it's funny.

(3:45:59 PM) Luke: so i'm eating a fruit and nut medley
(3:46:15 PM) Luke: the dried pineapples are awesome
(3:46:24 PM) AndoUSC: dude, dried pineapples!?!
(3:46:26 PM) AndoUSC: INTO it!
(3:48:18 PM) Luke: as was made famous by curb your enthusiasm
(3:48:27 PM) Luke: this medley is heavy on the fruit, low on the nuts
(3:48:41 PM) Luke: it's also low on balls
(3:49:07 PM) AndoUSC: NICE
(3:49:22 PM) Luke: big lack in testacles while we're at it
(3:49:36 PM) Luke: and honestly, where is all the semen?
(3:50:10 PM) Luke: i'll say this, i think balls is one of the funniest words in the english language
(3:50:25 PM) Luke: just say it out loud by itself, i'm giggling
(3:51:36 PM) AndoUSC: semen?
(3:51:37 PM) AndoUSC: balls?
(3:51:39 PM) AndoUSC: testicles?
(3:51:43 PM) AndoUSC: all very funny
(3:51:50 PM) Luke: i'm gonna disagree
(3:51:54 PM) Luke: balls wins
(3:51:56 PM) Luke: by a long shot
(3:51:59 PM) Luke: BALLS
(3:52:58 PM) AndoUSC: laughing
(3:54:24 PM) Luke: see?
(3:54:26 PM) Luke: case closed

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