Thursday, January 11, 2007


so my buddy Lubs and I have been known to do so IM chatting. we happen to work together and when we're on calls talking to clients, we often try to make each other laugh because it's embarrassing to suddenly start laughing while having a serious phone conversation with a client.

recently lubs was sitting in a class at the u of a and started chatting with me. i saw this as a great opportunity. bear witness:

(1:25:07 PM) Lubs: 465 is about Quality Control
(1:31:52 PM) Lubs: a guy in this class just used an example that he thought was from real life, but in reality it was from the movie Fight Club
(1:32:22 PM) i kinda want an explanation, but i kinda don't
(1:32:27 PM) i think it might be funnier without one
(1:32:40 PM) Lubs: he referenced Ed Norton's character's job...calculating the cost of lawsuits for defective auto parts vs. the cost of paying lawsuits
(1:33:00 PM) if a + b + c > x, then we issue a recall
(1:33:08 PM) Lubs: exactly!
(1:33:11 PM) "so you want me to deprioritize my primary action items?"
(1:33:28 PM) Lubs: i'm going to laugh
(1:33:29 PM) Lubs: fuck
(1:33:45 PM) "now comes the all important question, do i give him the ass or the crotch?"

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