Sunday, July 1, 2007

Retired MySpace content

I felt like cleaning up my MySpace page. Here's all the stuff that was removed:

Following up on "This is Our Country". Check out this excerpt from the Sports Guy's mailbag.

"I was in Toronto during the NFL playoffs and during one of the games, the "This is Our Country" commercial came on, only it wasn't fire fighters and steel workers. It featured elk (yeah the animal), people playing hockey on a pond, and finished with an image of some clip from the '80s of an Olympic player whom I could not identify donning a Team Canada jersey."

This is unbelievable. They play this commercial in other countries? The whole commercial is now flawed. Turns out this is not our country. This is actually Canada. Or whatever other countries they are airing one of the worst commercials ever.

Behold, Kel and I's epic concert run from October, 2006.
  • Monday: Phx, Matt Nathanson. (It's up to you, blondey.)
  • Tuesday: Phx, Kings of Leon. (Holy Shit, right!)
  • Wednesday: Irvine, CA, John Mayer.
  • Thursday: SD, CA, Tristan Prettyman, Nada Surf, Guster. (Hi-Speed Soul!)
  • Friday: LA, CA, same as Thursday.
  • Saturday: LA, CA, The Spinto Band, Art Brut, We Are Scientists (Specifically Frederica.)
  • Sunday: Phx, Dear and the Headlights.
And now for some fun facts:
  • If you order one of those things at McDonald's that resembles small pancakes wrapped
    around an egg and/or a round piece of sausage, you just ordered a McGriddles, not a
    McGriddle. There is no such thing as a McGriddle.
  • Success! I know all the words to Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine. All
    7 non-repeating verses. Remembering the order is still tough.
  • Winner! Berg was deemed the loser of the CNS-uniform challenge.
  • I own and actually use 4 ipods. Yes, I'm a freak.
  • Have you SEEN this video!?
  • I'm freaking out.
  • I own "Trapped in the Closet" and it's really something that everyone should see at least once.
  • I'm a two-time MBA drop-out.
  • I have no clue what this is, but I laughed pretty heartily on first viewing.
  • I'm totally into Tegan & Sara.
  • I was on a podcast. Check it out (link).
  • I love putting bags of candy in bowls.
And now for some random gibberish phrases that get laughs out of me and my friends:
  • Smells brand new.
  • Is it a signature soup?
  • My name's Jessica. Jessica Rabbit. Laugh it up, bitch.
  • n-eye-no!
  • I heard she DOES come prepared!
  • And it sounded really good.
  • Chatter chatter chit chit here we go.
  • Same shirt.
  • We're comin' in hot.
  • Jaguar
  • Oh ... Las Vegas.
  • Flirtini.
  • A-whippy-boo
  • BootybootybootybootyRockItLikeAWhale!
  • 5-5-5-5-5-6-7-8!
  • Sleeponih.
Top 5 bands I have yet to see live in concert.
  • The Hives
  • Arcade Fire
  • Kings of Convenience
  • Tenacious D
  • White Stripes

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