Monday, March 5, 2007

Special kind of people

I'd like to take a moment to recognize a particularly special brand of people that are new to this earth - the people who accept myspace friend requests from porn spammers.

Let me fill you in if you're unfamiliar with these people. Just like email spam, there is myspace spam. You'll get a friend request from some random girl and her profile will say something like -- well, hell, here's an actual excerpt. I can't write anything funnier than this:

"I go to college, enjoy chatting online, playing my xbox. I'm shy in person so trying to meet guys or girls off here.

Friends keep asking me to take revealing pics of myself. I've taken some but myspace won't let us post nude pics. If you want to see my revealing ones, I've uploaded a ton of pics to my free profile here"

Damn MySpace and their anti-freedom of nudity laws! They are keeping this shy girl from uploading all her nude pics to the world! Damn you, MySpace!

So, anyway, you get the idea. There are profiles on MySpace that are really nothing more than disguised advertistements for porn.

This is where the special people come into play. For each myspace spam you get, there are a group of dudes that have not only accepted this non-person's request for cyber-friendship, but they've posted comments.

Check this screen shot:

As you can see, besides Tom, these people are special.

For example, "Perfectly Flawed" enjoys welding, drinking AND smoking. How is this guy NOT my friend?

And Brad, well what a sweety, he hopes that Sherri's day is bright just because. You know what's not bright, though? Brad's profile. Holy crap, I'm scared and I'm 27.

Here's to you, Brad and Perfectly Flawed. May all your friendships with online porn ads be fruitful.

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