Monday, February 12, 2007

Diagram of a Weekend

Looking back, I'm extremely satisfied with how I spent my weekend spanning from Friday, Feb 9 through Sunday, Feb 11, 2007.

-home at 4:30
-watch The Office
-5pm - run steve
-5:30 - gym: weights, stairmaster
-6:30 - more tivo
-7pm - pickup No Anchovies pizza with Dave
-7:30pm - watch Idiocracy

-up early with Steve
-8am - dog park
-9am - breakfast burrito from Nico's
-10am - warcraft
-11am - shave face, head, self-procured manicure and pedicure
-12pm - run to the Apple store, pick up cables to connect my macbook to my Dell monitor
-1pm - watch Cats/Ducks with Dave, Lubs, hang up posters framed around Xmas
-3pm - watch Idiocracy again with Lubs
-5pm - taxes, very decent return
-7:45pm - Pan's Labyrinth with Dave

-up early (but a little later) with Steve
-8:30am - dog park, listened to my LRP 2+ playlist on my pod, some good neglected songs
-9:30am - costco run, listened to the whitest boy alive album twice through while shopping
-->picked this up along with a crap load of food
-11am - watched Brick
-1pm - laundry, tax and document filing, general malaise
-5pm - run to the apple store, picked up this bad boy
-6pm - bulls/suns
-->finally learned how to use this service that everyone raves about:
-7pm - bulls/suns while flipping over to the grammys
-10pm - episode of the wire, season 2 and sleep

Weekends at home. I really like them.

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