Wednesday, February 14, 2007

American Idol

Let's talk about it. I watch it. I've seen most of the episodes in its American history. And there's one thing during the course of each season that annoys me to no end.

We're coming up on a crucial show. The show where the top X (I think it's 24 this season) sing for America for the first time. Up until this point, America's been watching the idols, but the idols have been singing for the judges. And it's the judges that have put them in the top 24. And when you watch next week's episodes, something's going to happen.

Someone is gonna get up on that circular stage ... and they're going to suck. It's gonna be bad. It's just gonna be horrible. And then the judges are gonna say what I just said except in their own little way.

Randy: "I just wasn't feeling it, dawg. You didn't bring it."
Paula: "I think you have a great spirit and it just didn't seem to be there tonight."
Simon: "If I'm being honest, it was like a horrible 8-year old birthday karaoke party in a dive bar in Bangladesh in 1964."

Here's what I would say in response to this: "IT'S YOUR FAULT, JUDGES! YOU'RE the ones that CHOSE them to be in the TOP 24! WHY did you pick this person!? THEY SUCK! AND YOU PICKED THEM!"

Next Tuesday. FOX. It's going to happen. And when it does, know that I'll be in my house screaming at the TV.

P.S. Another prediction: my viewership on this particular season ends when/if Chris Sligh gets the boot.

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