Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Veronica Mars

Ok so I know like 8 people read this thing and I talk to most of you daily anyway so recommending an already highly acclaimed TV show probably isn't the best use of bandwidth, but you know what they say ... if you can touch one person ...

Veronica Mars. I just watched the season premiere of the current season and I found myself chuckling out loud often and fully laughed out loud at one moment. I watched all of last season and enjoyed it, but this season seemed to up the ante in terms of insanely witty, quick and well-timed jokes usually based on pop culture references. All the kids talk like they're on Dawson's Creek (as though they scored way way too high on the SAT Verbal section), but it's a little more cynical and rarely sappy which seems to help a lot.

And c'mon, Ms. Bell ain't too shabby on the eyes either. (Insert obligatory blog photo so as to make this entry not all text.)

Great. Now I have a pic of Kristen Bell on my blog. Better do another entry.


Andrea said...

look at you with your blog.. internet geeks unite :-p

Anonymous said...

this is for garbs my_edit

i only spent 15 minutes on it, so it's a very rough edit.. anyway, check um out side by side.

i fixed up the stomach, adjusted her skin tone to remove that harsh orange/yellow action goin on in the og, cleaned up her complexion, and brought out the color of her eyes.

did i do good luke?

LJ said...

nice work, berg. i look forward to the magic you can work on my mugshot for the cns site.

Fillup said...

Sweet Lady.