Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Music Draft

Ok, it's time for the 2006 Music Draft. This is a concept my boys Berg and Lubs came up with. Here it is.

Imagine every band in the world is coming out with a new album tomorrow. Imagine you only get to have one of those albums. Who do you pick?

My Picks:
1. Kings of Leon - I have heard 4 of their new songs and holy shit. And I'm pretty much totally obsessed with these guys right now.
2. Bloc Party - A real candidate for number 1, but the new songs of Leon that I've heard edged out Bloc.
3. John Mayer Trio - Assuming it's John, Steve and Pino, I'm excited.

Honorable mentions:
Iron and Wine, Dear and the Headlights, Kings of Convenience, Damien Rice.

Random fun fact: Did you know that, with the new iTunes, if you're within 10 seconds of the end of a song and then you fast-forward it or switch to another track, the current song gets credit for the playcount. I post this because I'm probably the only person that doesn't work for Apple that's noticed this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*correction: you're the only other person who doesn't work for apple that knows this. you didn't think i was aware of the playcount criteria? who was the one first out of the gates talking about the skip count window? yeah, you can't turn back the hands of time, but if you could, you'd find me talking about when playcount++ gets called over a year ago.