Tuesday, January 24, 2006


let's all get together and agree on a couple things:
  1. we all know that when we're done leaving a voicemail, we can either hang up or press 1 for more options ... stop telling us. side note, we all also know that i can push 5 to send a numeric page now. just give us the damn beep.
  2. when the senior high school picture guy says, "ok now just touch your hand to your chin," DON'T!
  3. we don't need extra song titles in parentheses in order to help us realize what song it really is. examples:
    1. pride (in the name of love) - u2
    2. rebellion (lies) - arcade fire
    3. leave (get out) - jojo - my personal fav
    4. why can we remove the parenthetical titles? because this conversation has never happened:
      • you like that song, "leave"?
      • huh, "leave"? don't think i've heard that one. -- OH! you mean "get out"?! YES! that song totally rules my ass.

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