Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the dude from thrashin'

i'm extra proud of this one. i just watched last night's (1/23/06) episode of 24. in the 2nd half-hour, a henchman is let into CTU by another henchman. the henchman that is let in is the bad guy from the ridiculous 1986 movie thrashin'. sadly there are no good pictures of him in thrashin', but i was amazed to see that the dude is still alive.

-if you don't know about, thrashin', here's a good link that summarizes the whole movie with pics.
-here's the only thrashin' picture of the guy that i could find
-here's the dude's imdb profile, notice thrashin' (playing tommy hook) and 24 (playing hank)

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