Monday, June 20, 2005


so i gave some money to and in return, they alert me to possible matches for me every so often. upon first "meeting" a match, i get to read her profile. the following is an un-cut excerpt from this classic, classic profile that i was just alerted to. her name has been changed.

Monica typically spends his leisure time:
-reading, writing,lesting to music, and seeing movies

The last book Monica read and enjoyed:
-Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts a romqce novel. I like a verity of books, but can't seem to put Nora's books down

One thing that only Monica's best friends know is:
-i have a silly senice of humor that some friends find very funny

Some additional information Monica wanted you to know is:
-I would eventually want them to meet my family because i'm really close to them

The things Monica can't live without are:
-my family
-my computer, I'd be lost without it

man, monica and i are a real match. we both love lesting to music. we both have a silly senice of humor and we can't live without writting.

someone call alanis morisette. it's time for her to re-writte one of her songs.

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