Thursday, June 23, 2005

a few words on concerts

so i watched glen phillips play music live and in person for about 90 minutes in tucson last night.

-i'm sure this is going to be taken in a sexual way, but i think i spent 90% of the show watching glen's left hand. are there other guitar players out there with the same problem? i barely ever saw the guy's face.
-speaking of problems, i have one. when someone that is somewhat in the line between me and the performer starts using his phone to take pictures, i can't look away. until that phone goes back in the pocket, i am subjected to viewing the concert through the viewer of some stranger's phone. and i don't like it. it's like the phone is the one ring and i'm gollem. so i'm begging those of you who spend 40% of the show trying to take that pulitzer prize winning, badly-lit, terrible resolution camera cell phone picture of whoever you're seeing, please check behind you. if i'm standing there, take pity on me. put the phone away and let me watch the show through my own eyes.

totally unrelated note ... sing along with me: "traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade inyourbreakfastforsomedanonfrusionFRUIT!"

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