Saturday, May 2, 2015

Turns out the Apple Watch battery is great

I take back everything I said in my previous post. Seems that my first day with the Apple Watch was not at all like a normal day. Probably too much fussing with the settings.

In the last week, I've commonly woken up at 7am, done an hour long outdoor activity with GPS and heart rate and all that and gone to bed around 11pm. I've had the normal amount of updates received and texts sent from the phone. 
And with all that activity, my watch is usually around 30% when I go to bed. 
And my phone easily lasts all day too. No mid day charge required. Seems an iPhone 6 (regular) can easily handle an all day blue tooth connection. 
Thumbs up all around for the Apple Watch. Excelsior!

Power reading from early evening on a normal day.

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