Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey, Chatty Cathy

Hey, friend. That bench you're sitting on whilst having a fully involved cell phone conversation. Yeah, it's not actually a bench. It's a piece of exercise equipment. It's a piece of exercise equipment at a gym that is pretty fracking crowded and it's likely that I'm not the only other person that would like to use it at some point tonight. And moreover, it's not like there aren't multiple benches or even tables with chairs that aren't also pieces of exercise equipment scattered all over this place. And no, I'm not one of those annoying guys that will give you the stink-eye until you hurry up your work out and get off the machine. I'm reasonable. I'll go do another exercise and check back in 5. Oh, I forgot, you're totally thoughtless and you're still sitting on the crunch machine and talking on the flipping phone.

It's not the economy or America's place in foreign affairs that gets me worked up.  It's this kind of stuff.  To quote a Maitre D from a certain restaurant in Chicago ... "I weep for the future."

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Andrea said...

hah I'm sure my boyfriend would appreciate this post. he's a personal trainer at a gym and hates when people do ish like that. his one personal fav. (or rather biggest peeve) is when this guy sat on a machine for like a half hour drinking dunkin donuts coffee and talking on his phone then left the used cup ON the bench when he was done. DOUCHE! Then there was this other time when Mike (the bf) was doing a timed workout that involved rotating running around the indoor track and doing sets of squats over by the free weights - so while he was in the running part of the workout, he left his stopwatch by his towel and the squat bar and some douce (he's still not sure who) decided it would be funny to reset the stopwatch while he was gone so when he was done, he went to stop it and it was at zero. He was so mad because he tries to keep track of his times. Stupid gym people!