Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mayer Count

Ok, so after this post my blog will basically be just a collection of youtube videos and posts about John Mayer. I didn't mean for it to happen this way. What are you gonna do?

I saw John Mayer again last night in Phx. Click here to read my review. It occurred to me during the show that I should determine what number Mayer show this is for me.

As of 3/3/05, I had seen Mayer 16 times. Let's count it off from there.

17 - in Vegas with the Trio
18 - in L.A. with the Trio
19 - in L.A. with the Trio again
20 - in Phx with the Trio
21 - in Phx opening for Tom Petty
22 - in L.A. with Sheryl Crow
23 - in Phx with Ben Folds (I'd like to thank Blackberry Curve for bringing me this particular show)

Twenty three. I've been seeing him since 2001 so I guess that's about 3.25 concerts a year. I'm fine with that number.

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