Wednesday, September 6, 2006

i can make a difference

i figured out how i'm gonna make my mark on the world. i'm going to get rid of the 30-30 (or 30-all) score in tennis. it's 100% useless.

a break down of tennis scoring.
-a game of tennis (which is a subset of a set which is in turn a subset of a match) starts out at 0-0 (or love-love if you wanna be a real prick)
-the first point counts for 15 (yes, it's weird)
-the second takes you to 30
-the third takes you to 40
-next point could be (but isn't always the point that ends the game)
-so a game could be over in 4 points, 0-0 -> 15-0 -> 30-0 -> 40-0 -> game over
-and then there's this concept called deuce
-assuming both guys score 3 points, that puts them at 40-40 which is called deuce
-at that point, you have to win 2 points in a row to win the game where the first point you win is the deuce point
-if it's deuce and you win the point, they call that "your advantage"
-if you win "your advantage", game over
-if you lose "your advantage", back to deuce, try again

here's where my mark on the world comes in. 30-30 (or 30-all, the situation where both sides have scored 2 points) is exactly the same as deuce. once you get to 30-30, you have to win two in a row (starting at deuce/30-all/same thing) to win the game. exact same rules as deuce.

let's see it in action.
-it's 30-all, you win a point, making it 40-30
-if you win the next point, you win the game
-just like if it was deuce and you won two in a row

-it's 30-all, you win a point, making it 40-30
-you lose the next one which puts you at ... that's right, 40-40 or deuce
-rinse and repeat with the deuce stuff until the game is over

that's it, 30-30 is deuce. it might be the most useless concept in the entire world. and we live in a world where i can use bandwidth to write this blog entry. once i explain this concept to someone who can do something about it, they're gonna owe me big.

i'll see you when i'm famous and rich.

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