Wednesday, March 1, 2006

my future is lookin' up

i recently got this email

Dear friend,
I found your picture on one of the websites, can we talk to
each other? I might be coming to your place in few weeks.
This would be a great opportunity to meet each other.
Btw, I am a woman. I am 25. Drop me a line at

as i was reading this, i gotta say i was getting more and more excited about meeting this person who saw my picture "on one of the websites." i was even more excited at the concept of having the chance to "talk to each other" rather than just one of us talking while the other says nothing. and then i found out the sender of the email was a woman! holy shit i about lost it! it's really gonna be a great opportunity for us to meet each other when she comes to my place "in few weeks." i'll assume from her optimism and confident stance that she knows where my place is. can't wait!

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