Sunday, November 6, 2005

the local news

let me paraphrase a promo for the local phoenix news that aired during tonight's family guy ... "tornados, bombings, tidal waves ... some say these are the signs of the end of days. [cut to some guy in the desert with a kick-ass smokey mustache, likely a cowboy] 'people should be scared'. fox news tonight at 10!"

give it a moment.

ok, let's assume for a moment that the apocalypse is coming. let's also assume that fox 10 news in phx is the one and only news source that has learned the how's and the why's of this upcoming apocalypse. let's make yet another assumption that the mustache cowboy is the harbinger of the downfall of all mankind.

with all that in place, what the hell is fox 10 going to be able to report in their half hour segment that is going to help us? it's the f'ing apocalypse, people! we're all done. put the end-all-be-all fork in us. it's not like boarding up your windows or getting a spam blocker is going to save you from the wraith of the 4 horsemen.

"signs of the apocalypse and your 5-day forecast tonight at 10!"

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Anonymous said...

Let's remember that Fox 10 is the station that airs the new Geraldo show after their 5 o'clock news broadcast, so...