Monday, September 10, 2012

I DJ'd a wedding!

I DJ'd a fantastic wedding near Durango, Colorado over the weekend.  Yay, Mark & Danielle!

Prior to said wedding, I'll admit spending a lot of time organizing the playlist into a few lists by timing/mood/participation:
  • Seating - time before the ceremony when everyone is filing in
  • Cocktail hour / dinner - time after the ceremony when it's eating/cocktail time
  • Dance - uh, you know, the dance time.  I actually had subcategories here: dance, slow dance, sing along and indie (songs for the kids for after Grandma left)
I let the seating and cocktail playlists play on random and they both worked out great.  Mostly for my own records, here's how the playlists went down:
And then for the dance floor time, I paid a lot more attention to what was playing next.  Eventually the time for slow dance songs or slower "recovery" songs were over ... probably right around when soulDecision was played.
I thought it went great and I've heard some similar reviews.  I had a great time and hope I can be lucky enough to have some friends ask me to do this again soon.

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Anonymous said...

very good!